I have a wide range of teaching experience at undergraduate (all years) and postgraduate (taught and research) levels, including acting as a convener and designing new modules. Degrees and modules I have designed and taught include:

  • New Undergraduate Programme (2021-22 launch): ‘Politics, Philosophy, and Economics’ (cross-departmental collaboration, part of the core team leading the design of the degree and module delivery).

  • 'The Politics of the World Economy' (undergraduate core, new module).

  • 'Key Debates on Neoliberalism' (undergraduate option, new module).

  • 'Globalisation and Global Governance' (undergraduate option).

  • 'The International Organisation of World Politics' (undergraduate option).

  • 'International Political Economy' (postgraduate taught option, new module).

  • 'Politics of Globalization and Development' (postgraduate taught option).

  • 'MPhil Research Methods' (postgraduate research core).

  • 'MPhil Upgrade Workshop' (postgraduate research core).

  • Summer School: (1) 'The Politics of Global Capitalism' (new course); (2) 'Capitalism, Crisis, and the Neoliberal State' (co-taught with Fayzi Ismail) (new course).


SOAS University of London (2013-15)

  • Globalisation and Global Governance (undergraduate)

  • International Organization of World Politics (undergraduate)

  • International Political Economy (postgraduate)

  • The Politics of Global Capitalism (summer school)


University of Exeter (2011-13)

  • Contemporary Theories of World Politics (undergraduate)

  • The Political Economy of International Trade (undergraduate)

  • International Political Economy (postgraduate)

  • Global Security (postgraduate)


London School of Economics (2010-11 and 2008-09)

  • The Politics of International Economic Relations (undergraduate)

  • International Political Economy (postgraduate)

  • The Political Economy of International Trade (postgraduate)

  • Economic Diplomacy (postgraduate)


University of Oxford (2009-10)

  • Global Governance (postgraduate)

  • Global Financial Governance (postgraduate)

  • The International Relations of the Developing World (postgraduate)